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Karen Hill
Managing Editor, Columnist
Barry Gerding
Barry Gerding is managing editor of Kelowna Capital News.
Staff Reporter
Judie  Steeves Contributor
Judie Steeves
Judie Steeves is an outdoors enthusiast, co-author of a guide book Okanagan Trips and Trails and author of Jude's Kitchen. She wrote her Trail Mix column for the Kelowna Capital News from 1994 to 2014.
Kevin  Parnell Reporter
Kevin Parnell
Alistair  Waters Assistant Editor
Alistair Waters
The assistant editor of the Capital News, Alistair Waters has a nose for politics at the civic, provincial and federal levels, and helps readers understand the verbal spin doctoring politicians are fond of using.
Jean  Russell Editorial
Jean Russell
Warren  Henderson Sports Reporter
Warren Henderson
Kathy  Michaels Reporter, Columnist
Kathy Michaels
Kathy Michaels has covered everything from arts to crime for the Capital News since 2008. When she has time to ruminate on the matters that impact this city she puts them in her column Kathartic, which is published Fridays.
Sean  Connor Photographer
Sean Connor
Circulation Manager
Glenn Beaudry
Real Estate Weekly
Real Estate Advertising