Thiel: Chiropractic treatment can resolve infant ills like colic

I am a proud father of four children. I love kids and I find it hard to watch them suffer.

From belly aches to braces, it is hard to watch them endure the pain.

From my work at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, I can say that it is often harder on the parents than it is on the child when the child is unwell. It is the hallmark of a caring parent.

Any parent can, and will, tell you how hard it is to have a child with colic. For those of you who have not had a colicky child (or a neighbour with one), colic is characterized by persistent and intense crying fits on the behalf of the child. Sometimes, the parents as well.

You may feel helpless at times while bearing witness to their intense crying. They are inconsolable little ones and it seems their pain is all-too-sincere.

If your child is suffering from colic it is important to make sure that there is nothing else going on with your wee one.

Bowel obstructions, meningitis, etc. must be ruled out by your health practitioner.

Once colic is obtained as a diagnosis, you still feel left with: Well…she is still crying, what do I do?

Chiropractic is very successful in the treatment of colic. My daughter is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘world’s most colicky baby,’ and it was a doctor of chiropractic who fixed her (immediately, I might add).

This is how chiropractic looks at the condition we call colic.

If you ever ask a mother if her birth process was, one of the adjectives used will be pain.

It is a very hard thing to do. And let’s face it guys, if it was up to men to deliver, this would be a barren planet.

And if you think it is hard on the mom, imagine how hard it is on the baby.

The amount of birth related trauma obtained by the child during the process of delivery is considerable.

This is especially true if the child is a forceps or suction extraction. I once attended a delivery where the doctor had a hold on the child’s head with forceps and pulled using his foot on the table to buttress himself.

This, of course, is not the norm, but you also don’t have to have that much traction to induce injury. I could never imagine holding a baby by its head with its body suspended in the air while someone pulls on its legs.

This is the force they feel when they are pulled though the birth canal.

Imagine doing that with your head twisted to the side as most babies do during delivery.

A long labour can create some complications in the child’s delicate neck and their spine.

It is well established that there is trauma to the child’s petite neck during trauma. This affects a series of nerves in the body that makes them fire aberrantly and in a way that is lacking synchronicity.

Chiropractic believes that birth trauma, its after affects and future implications, need to be identified and corrected.

I have seen hundreds of children come to my clinic. The youngest child I have ever treated was four hours old.

When people ask me, “Should my children be checked out by a doctor of chiropractic?,” I say to them, “Do they have a spine and a nervous system?” The answer is obvious. In fact, I feel children need care more than adults.

They are going through growth spurts, learning to walk, falling a lot, banging into things, etc. If a problem is created and it is not identified, you have something that grows up and becomes worse.

Is it safe? Most definitely. The pressure used to adjust these small spines is no more than it is to turn on a light switch.

There is no twisting or snapping. The expertise is in detecting the segments of the spine that are injured. Proper correction will calm down the accompanying nerve as it leaves the spine at that level.

Problem solved. Let’s not treat the symptoms, let’s treat the problem.

All chiropractic attempts to do is enhance the body’s inborn ability to maintain itself and express full health through removing the obstruction of the nervous system. It is much like turning on the flow through a kinked hose.

Have your children checked out as they would by their dentist. As for colic, get to your doctor of chiropractic and get some sleep.

Markus Thiel is a doctor of chiropractic practicing in Kelowna.



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