D. Smith: Finding good deals in the fall retail season

There are many good deals in every season of the year. Now the fall season is here, there are some discount fall offers for savvy shoppers.

The Boxing Day sale is a tradition of getting good deals on the days following Christmas.

There are many good deals in every season of the year.  Now the fall season is here, there are some discount fall offers for savvy shoppers.

Retailers do not want to store items until the next season so they blow them out at discount prices.

Here are some good deals for the fall season:

Garden produce is now in bountiful supply, this is the time of year to buy produce because it is plentiful and fresh and the price is right.

We can buy fresh produce now in the fall season to enjoy, or preserve it for the months ahead.

We are so fortunate in the Okanagan to have many local farmers and garden markets offering fresh produce for us to enjoy.  Shopping local keeps money in our community.

Clothing is often offered as a discount after the rush of back to school shopping is over.

There is still summer stock at clearance prices and you can find good deals on fall clothing to wear over the fall and winter season.

Most of the clothes are mix and match and are staples in our wardrobe all year round.

Late summer and fall is the time of year to buy the past summer’s swimwear.  Pool and hot tub supplies are at blow out prices.

Lawn mowers, barbecues, outside furniture and patio lights are reflective of retail products that need to get sold and removed from the stores inventory as soon as end of summer rolls around.

Stores have the choice of either selling their inventory to a consumer who walks through the door, or sell it to a discount outlet at a potential loss.

If you have the room to store a new lawn mower or patio furniture until the spring, you can realize a 50 per cent  saving on these fall blow out deals.

The new line up of vehicles are hot off the assembly line and last years models need to get cleared from the car lots.

You can wait a few more months for a potentially deeper discount on your new or used vehicle, but the choice will become more limited.

Black Monday in the U.S. is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and the trend is starting to come to Canada.

Canada is trying to get a piece of the consumer dollars by offering similar deals to keep shoppers from heading south.

Electronics are often offered at a discount prior to the lead up Christmas rush, and these are one of the big ticket sales during the Black Monday sale.

In the fall, toys hit the stores in a big way for the pre-Christmas season and competition in the retail giants offers some surprise savings.

We are fortunate that we have four seasons in Canada, and each season has its own deals happening.

Make sure you ask the return policy of the store you are making a purchase from.

Most retailers offer a 30-day money back policy whiles others are now allowing 90-day return policy if you charge it to their department store credit card.

Remember always pay your credit card balance in full before the due date.

You do not want to pay 18 or 28 per cent interest on a hot deal.

If you pay interest on your sale purchase, the deal was not a deal; it is becoming a high debt commitment that should have been avoided.

Almost everything comes on sale—you just have to know your prices and be prepared to lay down your hard earned cash when the price is right.