Young: Marriage creates a winning team

Here's the story of an entrepreneurial marriage involving two chiropractors who have embarked on their entrepreneurial life in the Okanagan.

Much has been written in this column about an entrepreneurial team’s formation and management of an entrepreneurial start-up venture.

So this week, let me present the story of an entrepreneurial marriage involving two doctors of chiropractic medicine who have embarked on their entrepreneurial life journey in the Okanagan Valley.

While I have experienced meeting a good number of entrepreneurial teams in my life, I truly enjoyed hearing of and witnessing the exceptional manner in which  Ben and Amanda Stevens complement each other in their professional and personal lives while enriching their own sense of well-being.

The Stevens story started in 2003 as Amanda prepared to exit secondary school. She met Ben and they became a couple. They envisaged a compatible vision for their lives and desired their their professional and personal futures together would be filled with the “joy of discovery.”

Here is where the roots of this “team” took hold as from a degree in kinesiology in New Brunswick (where the couple originates); a short time in the U.K  to enhance such studies to a Certificate in Theological Studies for Ben in 2004 as a whistle-stop of his own milestone of self-discovery.

The couple, then moved to their dream life destination of B.C., married in 2005, and with their already establish unity of spirit entered their chiropractic college of choice in San Jose, Cal., in 2008.

Within the joint academic studies leading to their professional health care future, the Stevens squeezed in visits to many renowned global destinations to enhance their perspective of lifestyles, cultures and health care delivery while enjoying our world’s beauty along the way. The couple then chose the Central Okanagan as the best place to start their chiropractic practice after completing internships in Alberta and B.C., and writing their health care professional final exams in 2012.

Ben, a meticulous researcher I discovered, had completed a comprehensive business plan in readiness for their clinic launch. Valeo Health Clinic was the chosen name located on Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna.

The Stevens originally met me when applying for a small business financing program through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, a national non-profit designed to assist young men and women between 18 and 39 begin their entrepreneurial dream machine. I have been a fan the this bright young enterprising couple ever since.

Their clinic has added an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and front office coordinator, compiling several health care modalities to offer the Okanagan an genuine innovative package of unique chiropractic services.

Ben says that vision came from visiting dozens of health care facilities and speaking to hundreds of practitioners across the globe.

The Stevens are a health care professional team that is committed to providing you and I with the “best that they can be” to become healthy, strong and empowered in your wellness journey. It will put a smile on your face (even if you are hurting) just to visit their clinic for an assessment and review of you health care needs.

You may bump into Ben, Amanda or their entreprenurial team members in your valley travels as they believe strongly in being active in the community, offering and discussing their health care knowledge. I rally you to explore their website at clinic