Coffee for sandbag crews in Kelowna

Local residents and Starbucks give coffee to the hardworking forestry crews.

A thank you goes a long way and residents whose property has flooded over the last month are appreciative of the help and showing they’re grateful.

While BC Wildfire crews were busy removing sandbags from homes and property on Burne Avenue in Kelowna, local residents took it upon themselves to contact the Guisachan Starbucks and buy coffee for the crew’s break time on Monday.

However according to resident Marilyn Strong, Starbucks refused to take the money from the homeowners and instead donated the coffee for the crew along with some treats.

“We are very grateful to this crew for removing all the sand bags and piling them onto pallets. These are the sandbags the residents and volunteers bagged, moved and placed to stop Mill Creek from more flooding of our basements and crawl spaces‎,” said Strong. “Bringing them coffee was the least we could do.”

On Sunday, forestry crews from Mackenzie were treated to ice cream thanks to the appreciation of a local resident.