Community Event celebrates farmers, family and the end of harvest.

Soil Mate, an online platform that connects local communities with their local farmers is holding its first annual Soil Mate Family Picnic

Soil Mate, an online platform that harnesses the power of the web and social media to connect local communities with their local farmers, raisers and producers, is holding its first annual ‘Soil Mate Family Picnic, supported by Valley First’. Soil Mate and Valley First invites the local community to join us in celebrating the end of harvest season and giving thanks to our local farmers.

The event is a ‘bring your own picnic’ held at the beautiful Eastwod Organics Farm, ten minutes from Orchard Park Mall. Aside from the picnic, which will be held in the farms orchard, there will be a wide variety of games and activities, a zoo and local musicians playing. There will also be a variety of nutritionists, dieticians and chefs putting on various mini workshops and being available to answer general questions along with some community groups providing resources and information on community food and drink programming.

“There are quite a few layers to this event” said Matt Gomez, Founder of Soil Mate. “One intent is to celebrate our local farmers and the harvest season, thanking them for feeding our families. But just as importantly it is granting our whole community access to a farm, our farmers, and information and resources for them to access more local food and drink options.”

Gomez continued “There are many great events in the Okanagan aimed at the farm to table and wine audience. These events are incredible and I have the pleasure of attending many of them. But they are not always accessible for everyone in our community. What we wanted to do was hold an event that is completely free, and focused on getting anyone interested in local food, health and access to food together to just have some fun at the farm. We made it a ‘bring your own picnic’ so everyone can enjoy the event in whatever way they choose. It’s just an excuse to get out on a nice fall day, see a farm, meet some farmers, access resources, listen to some music and have some fun.

Despite being named a ‘Family Picnic’, the term is used to describe the community as a family and everyone is welcome; young and old, single and couples, kids and no kids.

The event, including all workshops and activities is completely free to attend. It is asked that if you have the means, to bring a food item per attendee for donation to the food bank, via ‘Feed the Valley’.

Picnic Details

Date: October 18th, 2015

Time: 11am-4pm

Location: Eastwood Organics Farm, 2995 Dunster Road, Kelowna, BC, V1W4H4

Info: Bring your own picnic and drinks. No food or drinks sold at event. Wear clothing appropriate to date and location: layers and close toed footwear.

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