Kelowna’s Fire on Water finished first in the preliminary rounds Saturday morning with 56.53 in the 200-metre dash. - Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Dragons seen on Okanagan Lake

The annual Dragon Boat Festival takes place this weekend in Kelowna

It was a beautiful day to watch dragons float on the water.

Dragon boats, that is.

Members of the Women on Fire team placed third in the preliminary rounds Saturday for the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

“We’ve been practicing to race but we haven’t had very good weather this year, with the flooding and the smoke. So maybe we’ve had six lessons?” said Judy Ferguson.

This was Lynn Gladden first race.

“It’s good comradery and nice to meet new people,” she said.

The Kelowna team’s season runs from May to September.

Gladden said she could feel the improvements in her upper arms from being out on the water in the dragon boat.

“I’m so much stronger than I was this spring,” she said.

Vice-president Amiee Dunnink, of the Kelowna Dragon Boat Society, said due to concerns over smoke, the races would only have 200 metre-dashes for the whole weekend, rather than hold 800 m ones as well. Paddlers raced from Tug Boat Bay in Waterfront Park.

Teams participated in a ceremony to bring awareness to the breast cancer. A blind race was also held during the event which 25 participated in from around Alta. and B.C.

Finals take place Sunday.