Help Kelowna street crews make a clean sweep

Local residents asked to remove any obstructions that prevent street sweepers from reaching the curbs or side of the road.

The City of Kelowna is preparing for its own version of spring cleaning – the annual spring street sweep.

A clean sweep needs cooperation and residents are asked to move their vehicles and portable sports equipment such as basketball hoops and hockey nets off the road. This helps crews efficiently clean the street by ensuring the sweepers can reach right to the curbs.

“The spring sweep is important in order to remove the sand and dirt left behind by winter,” said Stephen Bryans, City of Kelowna roadways supervisor. “Aside from sprucing up the neighbourhood, sweeping makes it a safer and smoother ride for cyclists and motorists.”

Sweeping will start in the town centres before proceeding to the lower levels of the city like the Springfield area and then onto the higher elevations such as Black Mountain, Dilworth and the Upper Mission. Signage will be placed 24 hours before scheduled sweeping starts to alert neighbours that sweepers will be in the area.

Residents are also encouraged to sweep the debris from sidewalks and boulevards out to the curbside so that it is picked up too.

All roads in the city’s maintenance area are anticipated to be swept by mid-May, weather permitting.

Sweepers will be operating 20 hours a day cleaning a total of 1,600 kilometres of road, including bike lanes.

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