Grade 3 students Kayne Onishenko (left), Ella Bevan and Pailey Hajek-Sentes of Anne McClymont Elementary School visit O’Keefe Ranch for their school program and got to take part in the ranch’s 150th birthday celebration on Thursday. (Lisa VanderVelde/Morning Star)

It’s a party at the O’Keefe Ranch

The O’Keefe Ranch celebrates 150 years.

O’Keefe Ranch celebrated their 150th birthday today, two weeks ahead of Canada’s birthday.

The celebration that included traditional songs performed by the Skeetschestn Drum Group, a BBQ lunch, speeches by local dignitaries and many other ranch activities is just the start of further celebrations throughout the summer.

The ranch is holding larger celebrations during their Family Days July 23 and Aug. 20 with free admission for children.