Emma Thomson, of Maple Roch maple syrup company in Summerland, with some of their product at the Penticton Farmers’ Market. Mark Brett/Black Press

Meet your farmer

A Summerland company delivers pure spun maple cotton candy to market.

It’s cotton candy with a twist, a healthy one.

A Summerland business is producing a popular midway treat called pure spun maple cotton candy at it’s company location.

The idea was the brainchild of Roch Fortin, a 32-year veteran of the RCMP who is bringing a taste of his northern New Brunswick home to the west coast.

Fortin came up with the plan to make the maple cotton candy one day after cleaning out a regular cotton candy machine and using the maple sugar he made made from the maple syrup.

“The cotton candy is just 12 grams of maple sugar and if you’re interested in the numbers, it’s just 55 calories so it’s almost like eating nothing but it’s very addictive and delicious at the same time.”

The single source, 100 per cent organic syrup comes from three independent producers in New Brunswick.

Maple Roch is currently selling it’s four products, which includes amber and dark syrups throughout the Okanagan and is expanding into the rest of the province.

It was while living back east Fortin, was impressed by the resourcefulness of the people in such harsh conditions.

What also touched him were the importance to the people of the land of hard work and tradition.

So with that in mind he vowed to help them and began buying their product for sales on the west coast.