Men give a damn for local charities

Men Who Give A Damn donate to Starbright Children’s Development Centre

These men really do give a damn about local charities.

The success of the 100 Men Who Give a Damn!, a group of men who want to give back to their community but have limited time, has grown to 383 members and counting. On Tuesday, Feb. 22 more than 100 members were in attendance at their latest event and they had the opportunity to hear pitches from three local charities – Paws It Forward Dog Rescue, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and the Starbright Children’s Development Center.

Each of the three charities pitched their causes, sharing with the group what their charity is all about and how the money would be spent in the community. At the end of the brief presentations, a vote was held and the Starbright Children’s Development Centre was selected to be the seventh recipient from the 100 Men Who Give a Damn!

Starbright Children’s Development Center is a non-profit, charitable organization serving the central Kelowna community. Their goal is to support the growth and development of children with exceptional developmental needs through early intervention services and empower their families through information and education to meet the immediate, transitional, and long-term needs of their child.

“The final tally for money raised is not yet known as many members who were not present are calling, emailing and stopping by to drop off cheques. It’s so great to see the buy-in from all of the members and their commitment to making sure that the money gets to the charity even if they were unable to make the meeting,” said Kelowna 100 men co-founder Brett Millard.

“With over 100 of our 383 members present, the event was an amazing success providing an opportunity to socialize and hear the great work of three local charities. In less than 60 minutes, we were able to collectively make a huge impact in our community and provide much-needed funds to a worthy cause,” said co-founder Chris Wills.

Scheduling for their next event will begin in the coming weeks and will likely be sometime in May. Three new charities will be randomly selected from a pool of all nominated charities 30 days in advance of the next meeting. The selected charities must meet the group’s three basic criteria; they must be CRA registered, must be in existence for at least one year and the money raised must be injected back into the local community.

One can find the registration page here.