Noon-hour talk in Kelowna’s Cultural District

Brown bag it to the Okanagan Heritage Museum, noon on March 25.

Tired of eating your lunch at your desk? Bring your brown bag and join Kelowna Museums, in collaboration with the Rotary Centre of the Arts, the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Okanagan Regional Library, for engaging topics and personalities.

Coming up on Wednesday, March 25, is Dig Your Neighbourhood, with Nancy Holmes. Featured will be art created by UBC students and faculty to provide a creative vision of Lower Mission.

Holmes describes Dig Your Neighbourhood as “a community art project that captures the imagination of everyone involved and that generates great interest and enthusiasm. Community members are delighted to help shape what newcomers need to know about their new homes. Student artists are driven to create highly imaginative responses to the community research.

“In addition to the mutually beneficial relationship we maintain with the Welcome Wagon, we invite local businesses and residents to meet with us. And the student artists get a unique entry on their CV. This is an innovative project: nothing like it is done in any other part of the country!”

Dig Your Neighbourhood takes place on Wednesday, March 25 from noon to 1 pm in the Okanagan Heritage Museum on Queensway at Ellis in downtown Kelowna.