Spiritual living focus of conference in Kelowna

Centre for Spiritual Living hosts self awareness event June 9 to 11 at Rotary Centre for the Arts

Expanding self-awareness and moving away from self-improvement will be the focus of the 10th annual Canadian New Thought Conference, June 9 to 11 at Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts.

More than 300 people from across North America are expected for The Who Do You Think You Are conference, hosted by the Centre for Spiritual Living, and featureing world-changing thinkers and innovators including bestselling author and keynote speaker Derek Rydall on The End to Self-Improvement.

“The whole goal of the universe is about the greater unfoldment of your soul’s true nature,” Rydall said. “Everything, without exception, is there to serve your evolution.”

Conference chair Dr. Deborah Gordon, who is also spiritual director of the Kelowna Centre for Spiritual Living, said it’s important for people to take time to seriously examine who they truly are.

“All of us at some time have wondered that very thing, and hopefully not just as the inner “parental” voice but one that goes deeper into the essence of ourselves,” Gordon said. “At this time, when we have so much technology telling us who we ‘should’ be, it’s important for us to take time to appreciate that all of humanity has more potential and more power than we might be aware of. This conference is designed to assist people in tapping into that greater awareness.”

In his keynote address, Rydall will be examining the need to release the need to conform to mainstream ideals that insist we need to be fixed — that we must constantly be improving ourselves in order to generate a growing confidence, contentment and self-trust.

“What if this were not so? Then we might just become our own authority,” he said.

The Centre for Spiritual Living is a member of the Association of Global New Thought, which represents more than 800 communities around the world.

New Thought teachings advocate that there is an Infinite Intelligence, everywhere present from which all has been and is created, and that our true selfhood is divine in nature with the access to this infinite mind; that all thought is creative and that the power resides right where we each are, to affect the reality of our choosing.