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Student Beat: Inspired youth poetry slam event

Our student writer takes a look at a passionate poetry slam event last weekend

By Ava Durrell

It’s not every day local youth get a chance to show off some of their own original works.

But the Inspired Word Café in Kelowna allowed students just that on the weekend, at an event called Kelowna Youth Spoken Word Showcase. Students from four schools in Kelowna were given the opportunity Saturday night to read some original spoken word and slam poems.

For some, the poems were lighthearted and funny; one young poet spoke about her connection to her broken headphones. But for many others, the topics of inadequate education and personal struggles, which included depression and anxiety, took centre stage. For the poets listening, many sympathetic feelings escaped in the form of snaps (poetry’s form of clapping).

It was a unique and powerful night, as youth talked about issues that were meaningful and relevant. More than half of the poets talked about troubles in the education system.

While nights like these are few and far between, there is a ton of fantastic poetry being produced by Kelowna youth, and all we have to do to encourage more of it, is embrace it.

Ava Durrell is a Grade 11 student at KSS and a youth writer for the Kelowna Capital News.