Volunteer Centre: Help people with filing their income taxes

Would you like to help those who need assistance completing their income tax and benefit returns but cannot afford to pay for that help?

This is the 40th year for the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). Canada Revenue Agency partners with community organizations to help people with limited income complete their income tax and benefit returns.

To volunteer you need to have experience in preparing simple income tax returns and attend a one-day training course from the Canada Revenue Agency.

This course is geared towards people who already have a fundamental understanding of how to complete a T1 return. It is not for those new to tax preparation.

For those volunteers who prefer to use a computer for tax preparation software is provided. 

Volunteers must agree to protect the confidentiality of the people they serve, decline offers of monetary compensation and return all private information to their clients.

As a volunteer, your clientele will depend upon the location of the tax clinic where you volunteer. The majority of your clients are likely to be pensioners and persons on social assistance or receiving disability benefits. The income limits for this program are $35,000 for a couple and $25,000 for a single person.

Most tax clinics operate one morning or afternoon each week from the beginning of March to the end of April.

If you can volunteer four hours each week (typically a Thursday morning or Wednesday afternoon) and have enough experience with tax returns that you are comfortable preparing simple tax returns for pensioners and others with limited income, please contact Bernard at (250)870-5576 or Community.Tax@cra.gc.ca.

You will meet others who volunteer to help. You will be providing a valuable service to those who may need it the most.

Agencies considering the operation of a clinic are welcome to inquire.

Dawn Wilkinson is the coordinator for the Community Information and Volunteer Centre. 

250-763-8008, ext 24