Wilkinson: The new year is a good time to start volunteering

Make a resolution to become a volunteer in the Central Okanagan in 2013.

Your New Year’s resolution should be to get more involved

The holiday season is behind us and as we look ahead to a fresh start in the new year, our thoughts turn toward making resolutions for change.

Are you thinking about getting more involved during 2013 and want some ideas?

Think about what you did as a child. Were you a Scout or a Girl Guide? Did you play hockey or baseball? Now that you are a little older and wiser, why not take that passion and turn it into volunteering.

If you want to focus work-life balance, consider helping out with an arts, culture or heritage organization.

You can meet and greet, take tickets, direct people to their seats, work in concessions, help with promotions, and the list goes on.

Maybe you are new to town and want to meet people.

If you are in that 55-plus age group, you might be interested in the Society for Learning in Retirement (and semi-retirement).

Perhaps you are just beginning your career. If you are unsure about where to specialize once you are finished school or if you need to expand your resume, think volunteering.

Volunteering can also help you keep you active between jobs and provide both experience and new contacts for potential future employment.

If you travel and are looking for short-term ways to contribute, think about special events that offer intensive but brief commitments.

Think about creating your own volunteer profile. The process will help you decide on the types of activities that interest you. Your profile links you to a confidential e-match system all year long.

To create or adjust your profile, go to www.kcr.ca, click on volunteer opportunities search Central Okanagan, and select create volunteer profile.

Your volunteer profile makes it so easy to keep your resolution to get more involved.

Happy volunteering.

Dawn Wilkinson manages the Community Information and Volunteer Centre at KelownaCommunity Resources. Go to kcr.ca to create your own volunteer profile.