Davis: Genre mixing on Another Earth

Another Earth strikes me as a movie that will be as polarizing as its genre. As a sci-fi movie, it will probably leave fans of that genre wanting more. For fans of indie art-house movies, the sci-fi aspect may leave them alienated.

However, the combination of genres has me intrigued, especially because I am a fan of metaphysical sci-fi such as Solaris and Moon.

It is the story of a bright young astrophysics student who is distracted by something unbelievable while driving home from a party: A planet on the horizon. However, as fantastic as the distraction is, tragedy occurs when she hits another vehicle and kills two members of the family in it.

After being imprisoned for four years, she seeks out the widower of the family who is a brilliant composer. The planet she saw is a parallel Earth, seemingly to the extent that it even has the same people on it.

Tempted by an essay contest where the winner can ride a space shuttle to visit it, she considers the possibility of going there to find out what kind of life her other self would have led.

Meanwhile, her relationship with the composer is becoming increasingly intimate without revealing her true identity to him.

For those who like a little quantum physics theories of parallel universes with your dramas about regret and redemption, this is for you. At the very least the image of an Earth in the sky like a second moon is both beautiful and haunting.

Rated PG with a sexually suggestive scene and violence.


For fans of more traditional sci-fi, Apollo 18 is being sold as another one of those “found footage” horror documentaries.

According to the Apollo 18 web site, the footage is from the actual final moon landing that took place a year after the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. It was a covert operation which revealed disturbing evidence of new life forms and is the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.

I like the concept and think it will bring in more than its reported $5 million budget; however, the studio’s refusal to screen it for critics and the multiple changes to its release date has me concerned about its ultimate success.

Rated 14A with frightening scenes.


There are two definites about Shark Night 3D: 1) It will be better than both Piranha 3D and Jaws 3D and 2) it will not be anywhere near as good as the original Jaws.

Seven college friends spend a weekend at a lake in Louisiana only to be attacked by saltwater sharks which did not get there by accident.

It is publicized as being from the director of The Final Destination but I think David Richard Ellis is better known for movies like Cellular and Snakes on a Plane.

Rated 14A with violence.


And don’t forget about the Helen Mirren/Sam Worthington spy-thriller The Debt, which opened yesterday and is probably the best bet of all the new movies opening this week.

Rick Davis is the manager of the Capitol Theatre in West Kelowna.





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