5 Rhythms dance workshop in Kelowna April 17 & 18

Bring the body into movement to still the mind, access the knowledge of the body and dive deeply into your inner core of being.

  • Mon Mar 16th, 2015 8:00am
  • Life

The 5 Rhythms Dance practice is a movement meditation practice developed by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1970s. Its philosophy is to bring the body into movement in order to still the mind, access the knowledge of the body and dive deeply into the inner core of our being.  This is the first time a 5 Rhythms workshop is being offered in the Okanagan.

Body, Breath and Beat, is the theme for this workshop to be led by certified 5 Rhythms instructor Bettina Rothe from Vancouver. Through this workshop participants will explore the mother language of our bodies which is rhythm. By paying attention to and deepening your breath in movement you will experience your aliveness and states of heightened awareness. The 5Rhythms® is a workout for body and soul, a moving meditation, a spiritual practice designed to release the dancer that lives in everybody, regardless of age, experience or condition.

The two day workshop is divided into two sections. On the evening on Friday, April 17th,  Rothe will offer an Introduction to 5 Rhythms Practice, which will introduce participants to the 5 Rhythms – flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness – and give pointers on how to enter a movement meditation practice in an open and exploratory manner. No previous 5 Rhythms, dance or meditation experience is required.

On Saturday, April 18, Rothe will lead participants through Body, Breath and Beat. Some somatic/movement practice is recommended for this portion of the workshop. The Introduction to the 5 Rhythms Practice session the night before is the perfect primer for anyone with no experience with movement practices.

Bettina Rothe is a facilitator of conscious movement practices and community building whose passion is to ignite one’s connection with self, to others and to the continuum of all life. Her work is grounded in holistic, somatic based modalities with a strong focus on the 5Rhythms®, Gabrielle Roth’s powerful movement form, mindfulness practices and leadership embodiment principles. Bettina is a licensed 5Rhythms® teacher who offers weekly group classes, individual sessions, workshops and retreats in North America and Europe.

Participants can register for both the Friday and Saturday sessions combined, or just attend either the Friday or Saturday session. Early bird pricing is in effect until April 1.

To register for this 5 Rhythms workshop with Bettina Rothe, please visit openheartdance.ca.