Art exhibit challenges the concept of housing

  • Sun Feb 27th, 2011 6:00am
  • Life

Sue Bizecki wants more help with her project.

One can have a house without a home, but can one have a home without a house?

Or is it a house of cards?

UBCO graduate Sue Bizecki explores the issue of home with a grouping of paper houses and interactive activities that should leave residents of Kelowna questioning the meaning of this critical element of our lives. 

“I sort of consider this a departure point,” said Bizecki who is hoping the show will continue touring beyond the Okanagan borders.

A critical part of the exhibit is its interactive nature. 

As part of the work, Bizecki interviewed people on their concepts of home for a video component, and she really wants to build this portion much larger.

“You never know how that public element is going to go,” she said, noting she was quite surprised by how many people have contributed to various aspects of the work.

“I think it’s the topic,” she said. “There’s a playfulness to the piece.”

Those who go through the Alternator Gallery are encouraged to take one of the cookie cutter paper homes and contribute to building the model community. 

This has reportedly been quite a hit with people transiting through the Rotary Arts Centre—particularly the kids.

Bizecki herself is by contrast a seasoned professional. Graduating from UBCO in 2006 she now works locally in government communications and works as a professional artist on the side.

Her passion lies in video work and she plans to show this exhibit at the Vernon Public Art Gallery where she will continue to build on that video component. 

To contribute to the video work please call her at 250-868-3574.