Here’s a bright idea to add to your kit of camping supplies

A combination headlamp and lantern, with five LED lights and a range from five to 130 lumens.

The Joby Gorillatorch Switchback is a combination headlamp and lantern

Name: Joby Gorillatorch Switchback

What it is: A combination headlamp and lantern, with five LED lights. The lights range from five to 130 lumens.

How it works: The headlamp is affixed to a high-quality elastic band, with the two double-A batteries and control buttons in a compartment at the back of the band, worn behind the head. When converting for use as a lantern, the headlamp portion is pushed into the separate lantern vessel, with the battery compartment being attached to the bottom, forming a single unit.

The product also comes with the trademark Joby Gorillapod, which is three legs of plastic ball-and-socket joints that wrap around branches or table legs, or they simply stand on their own.

The good: For tent camping, this is perfect. It gives you the walk-about light you need outdoors, plus the lamp you want inside the tent.

On 130 lumens, everybody in the tent could read a book, but you would blow through those batteries in about 90 minutes.

You may not be able to read a novel at lower settings, but you could play a backgammon game.

With the entire 8.8-ounce unit closed up in the lantern compartment, this fits into a backpack pocket. At the lowest setting, found with a handy dimmer mode, battery life is expected to be 72 hours.

The bad: The six light modes include two red lights for night vision. I never understand that, because for night vision I want white light. I would add, however, that when using the red lights in the lantern mode, you have a real attention-getter if you’re trying to wave down someone for help.

Cost: $54 to $60 US or

Ross Werland is a Capital News contributor.