Milestone day celebrated with a poem

At Brookhaven Care Centre, her West Kelowna home, Sjodin is the “poet in residence.”

  • Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 11:00am
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Alda Sjodin celebrated her 102nd birthday

At 102 years old Alda Sjodin’s eyes may not be as acute as they once were, but her mind is sharp as a tack.

At Brookhaven Care Centre, her West Kelowna home, Sjodin is the “poet in residence.”

She takes note of whatever is going on, then mentally composes line upon line of poetry, commits each verse to memory, then dictates the entire poem to her daughter, who puts the words on paper.

Thanksgiving weekend was very special for Alda, as she celebrated her birthday with family and friends from far and near.

It inspired her to compose another poem. On Oct. 9, Alda’s birthday, she attended Hymn Sing at Brookhaven and shared her poem about turning 102.

My 102nd birthday


My birthday is now over

And I am 102.

I praise God every day

for the things He helps me do.


My daughter from Saskatchewan came and some of her

family too.

My nephew and others from USA, making us quite a few.


Some old friends from Maple Ridge and others that live around.

They all came to celebrate my party the best one that could be found.


My daughter brought a big birthday cake to be served in the dining room.

Everyone laughed and had a lot of fun, supper time came too soon.


One night we gathered in the gala room and there we ate our food.

Not many dishes were used that night, it was so ‘finger licking’ good.


But the days go by so quickly, and my family had to leave.

They had to get back to school and work, many good-byes I receive.

Some friends will be back at Christmas, and that I won’t forget.

But I praise God for this party that my girls so wonderfully set.

—Alda Sjodin