Motoring: Pick up your Volvo in Europe

Volvo’s European Delivery program is a unique way to combine a Volvo purchase with a trip to Europe.

Volvo Cars International Travelers Program offers a European Delivery program for Canadian customers

For Canadian customers buying a new XC70, or for any Volvo product, the company’s European Delivery program, as part of Volvo Cars International Travelers Program, is a unique way to combine a Volvo purchase with a trip to Europe.

You can collect your new custom-built Volvo in Europe, drive it while exploring your favourite destinations and then have it delivered to Canada after your return. And that is not all the program offers. You’ll receive a variety of added incentives, including complimentary round-trip tickets and a VIP Factory Delivery experience in Gothenburg, Sweden, the home of Volvo.

Purchase any new Volvo, take delivery in Europe and enjoy all this and more:

• Two complimentary round trip tickets to Gothenburg, Sweden.

• One free hotel night for two in Gothenburg.

• VIP delivery at the home of Volvo including Factory Tour.

• Delivery at selected retailers across Europe (extra charge)

• The opportunity to explore Europe in your own Volvo.

• 15 days International Insurance and Export registration.

• Complimentary home shipment of your new Volvo to your authorized Volvo retailer in Canada.

• 6.1 per cent import duty included.

• Possible savings on MSRP and destination charges

The beauty of Scandinavia, French country roads, the German autobahns, breathtaking alpine passes—it’s all yours to discover at the wheel of you very own Volvo.

Check with participating dealers for more info.