World’s most popular DJ will be touching down in Kelowna

In December 2010, Wet Ape Productions along with Flipside Entertainment brought Deadmau5, Canada’s most popular DJ, to Prospera Place.

  • Tue Feb 8th, 2011 9:00am
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In December 2010, Wet Ape Productions along with Flipside Entertainment brought Deadmau5, Canada’s most popular DJ, to Prospera Place.

But why just stop there when you could bring in the world’s most popular DJ?

So Wet Ape and Flipside are at it again, this time featuring the international dance music phenomenon Tiësto to light up Prospera Place on April 28, backed by his signature ‘Tiësto In Concert’ visual extravaganza to accent his exhilarating brand of electronic music.

Tiësto, born Tijs Michiel Verwest, is a Dutch musician, DJ and record producer of electronic dance music.

Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiësto.

On his latest productions, however, he has dropped the “DJ” label and is now known simply as “Tiësto”.

It seems that in the past year, electronic dance music has exploded and made huge moves in the music world which has now brought it to the mainstream with names like Tiësto, Deadmau5 and Armin Van Buuren at the forefront.

So what is it about electronic music that has made it so popular?

Apart from the fact that the music will make you dance yourself into a frenzy, as technology keeps on developing the further advanced music technology becomes as well.

Electronic music relies heavily on computer equipment to add to its electronic sound so as new technology keeps popping up, the more and more people are starting to push the boundaries of electronic music and explore new sounds.

Other genres such as hip hop and even rock are starting to move more towards more of an electronic sound now because it allows artists to work with a different sound and with the rate that technology is developing these days, the possibilities are endless.

Tiësto has always been head of electronic house music and was mainly known for dominating the trance scene – a type of electronic music that’s more melodic than techno and that usually has harder beats than house.

In 2009 with the release of his album Kaleidoscope, Tiësto took a departure from his trance roots and explored a whole new side of electronic music.

“The biggest thing to happen for me this year is my change in style. I play more eclectic, much more house-driven, and like, indie pop music,” Tiësto said. “The whole trance part is deleted from my set now. It is completely gone. It was a revolutionary thing for me.”

Tiësto was quoted saying in DJ Mag in 2010. And the change hasn’t hindered his success one bit.

Continuing to sell out stadiums and top music charts all over the world, there’s no denying that Tiësto is a force to be reckoned with.

This is going to be another huge show for Kelowna so don’t wait until the last second to get your tickets because this concert is likely to sell out quickly.

Tickets for Tiësto’s show at Prospera Prospera Place are available now starting at $58 exclusively on Visit the Tiësto: Canadian Tour facebook page for more information.

Pyper Geddes is the general manager at Habitat in downtown Kelowna and is also an A-OK Contributor.