Hopper: Healing powers of the brain sometimes hard to grasp

Sometimes people aren’t willing to embrace a new approach until they see the results.

Lauren is one of those people. Lauren’s journey with illness started in 2002 when she was only 12 years old.

Over the years, her state of health continued to decline, despite extensive search for answers.

Her parents have even spent over $100,000 in out of pocket medical expenses. Lauren had been to see 35 different specialists over the years, including six doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

Lauren was diagnosed with a number of illnesses including asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, narcolepsy, mononucleosis, mitochondrial dysfunction and a list of sensitivities to light, sound, food and chemicals. Her latest diagnosis in a string of illnesses was postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Due to plummeting blood pressure and increased heart rate when upright, Lauren could no longer sit up straight or stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

This meant Lauren had to spend most of her time in bed or in a reclining wheelchair.

Also, Lauren was so sensitive to light that it was impossible for her to even watch television or be on a computer. Noise was so painful that she had to stuff cotton baton in her ears.

Needless to say, Lauren was becoming increasingly depressed. But Lauren started to make some headway in her recovery first through the Dynamic Neural Retraining System educational DVDs.

Her father creatively found a way to export and slow down the sound track on the DVDs so that Lauren could just listen to the information.

Even with this alone, Lauren started to notice some improvements, but due to illness she lacked the cognitive ability and motivation necessary to really understand and implement the limbic system rehabilitation exercises.

However, the improvements that she did make with the DVD allowed her to attend the in-person program in Santa Fe in April 2013.

Both Lauren and her parents can hardly grasp the changes that have taken place in such a short amount of time. Lauren is now roller blading, has been to baseball games, out for dinner, gone to movies and concerts and recently started to drive again. It’s hard to believe these kinds of monumental changes, however, rewiring the brain is a different paradigm.

Sometimes the changes happen gradually and sometimes they happen remarkably fast, and when this happens, it truly seems like a miracle.

From a wheelchair to roller blading in just over one month—indeed, this is the miracle of the healing brain.

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