A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for a new bus at the BlueStar grand opening.

BlueStar invests in Okanagan tourism

The travel company held a grand opening Sunday afternoon.

BlueStar held a grand opening and investment announcement in Kelowna Sunday afternoon.

BlueStar director Mark Krehle explained they purchased Western Bus Lines and SouthWest Tours, merged them together and rebranded them as BlueStar.  He noted it’s a merger that will be of economic benefit to the Okanagan.

“A lot of the tours we have take from people from here to other locations, and we’re also starting to bring people that are visiting Vancouver from all over the world into the Okanagan region,” he described.  “So we’re bringing a lot of outside passengers here, and hopefully they’ll leave their travel dollars here.”

BlueStar’s goal is to expand into new demographics and new locations in North America, and Krehle said they have already begun to look into it.

“We’re even aiming at different demographics,” he added.  “We’ve had inquiries for younger groups to go on adventure tours like white water rafting, kayaking, things like that.  So that’s our goal, to expand it.”

The merger took place four months ago and BlueStar has been operating since then, and the grand opening was a way for them to show off their new bus and other investments and most importantly thank all of their customers.