Canada Post shut down for ‘leaking package’

"There was a sense that there was no malicious intent..."

  • Thu Aug 28th, 2014 4:00pm
  • News

Canada Post was shut down Thursday morning when a suspicious looking package was intercepted.

There was a report of an unknown substance leaking from a package at the Canada Post delivery sorting center, said Tim Light, Platoon Captain with the Kelowna Fire Departmen.

Upon arrival the first in truck  assisted with the evacuation of the building and assessing who had come in contact with the package. The Kelowna fire department HazMat team was assembled and sent to the scene.

“Prior to the arrival of the HazMat team, Incident command isolated eight people who had been in contact with the package or with the people who were in contact with the package,” said Light.

“Fire command, RCMP and the Canada Post representative jointly investigated who had sent the package and who was receiving the package. Through conversations with both parties there was a sense that there was no malicious intent.”

The HazMat team made entry into the facility and tested the substance. They found it to be one of the products that was on the order from the sending company. The product was Bio Clean Chlorine free Oxi- Bleach.

Thirteen members of Kelowna fire Department along with one engine , one ladder a HazMat truck and the command vehicle. Were on scene.

Two people were looked at by EHS and were released at the scene.