The Wednesday August 20, 1980 edition of the Kelowna Capital News. Image credit: Carmen Weld

Cap News Throwback Thursday: 1980

After 86 years of service, we wanted to utilize our amazing treasure trove of Kelowna history and share it with you

Over the last 86 years the Kelowna Capital News has served the Central Okanagan – and over the last 86 years it has printed a whole lot of papers. A conservative estimate puts it at around 8,000 editions.

Each Thursday we will present Cap News Throwback Thursday at for a fun little peek into the past, and we will re-visit those editions here in print on Fridays.

Today we present the Kelowna Capital News – Wednesday August 20, 1980 edition.

The sun was out, the third-annual B.C. Summer Games had just taken over the streets of Kelowna, the Capital News was celebrating its 50th anniversary and the Cap News Sunshine Boy and Girl filled the pages of the paper with their ’80s swimsuits, big hair and full moustaches.

The big news on Aug. 20, 1980 was the B.C. Summer Games that had just attracted 400 athletes to the Kelowna area to compete in 34 different sports. In 1980, the B.C. Summer Games was just in its third year.

The BC Games were originally a vision of Premier W. R. Bennett who believed in providing “an opportunity to bring all parts of B.C. together, large and small communities, in the spirit of sport and friendship”.

The very first BC Summer Games were held in Penticton in 1978 with the first BC Winter Games taking place the following year in Kamloops. The 2018 games will be held in Cowichan and Kamloops.

A topic of 2017 as much as it was of 1980, milfoil concerns hit the pages of the Capital News. At that time the question was being asked about whether cement might kill the milfoil plague.

The concept was that of Environmental Studies Researcher at Okanagan College Dave Smith who was investigating the possibility of modifying the silt in the lake by injecting it with chemicals found in Portland cement. The idea was that the aluminum would harm the plants. The theory was never put into practice.

In 1977, they also discussed the possibility of using herbicide 2,4-D in combatting the milfoil. In the end, neither option was used.

Also on the pages, Silver Star was given an exciting nod of approval for a proposed development of additional ski facilities. From its beginnings as a local ski hill back in 1958, Silver Star Mountain Resort has evolved into a large ski destination with 3,282 acres of skiable terrain and 131 runs spread across four mountain faces.

On the big screen: Caddyshack, a 1980 American sports comedy film starring Michael O’Keefe, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Bill Murray. Brubaker, a 1980 American prison drama film starring Robert Redford as newly arrived prison warden Henry Brubaker, who attempts to clean up a corrupt and violent penal system. And, The Final Countdown, a 1980 alternate history science fiction film about a modern aircraft carrier that travels through time to the day before the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Fun Fact: The Capital News Sunshine Boy was none other than ex-professional football player Paul Giroday. “Ladies, don’t you think it is about time we offered something for our female readership?” reads the photo cutline. “Brown-eyed Paul retired from the B.C. Lions football team three months ago. Twenty-nine-year-old Paul stand 6’2” and weighs 220 pounds.”

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