Co-op board may not deal with resolution

This week's resolution calling for removal of the fruit growers' president may be ignored by the co-op board

A resolution calling for the removal of the B.C. Fruit Growers Association’s president at this week’s annual general meeting of the Okanagan Tree Fruit Co-operative will not be dealt with by the co-op board as far as the current president is concerned.

Co-op president Rob Dawson says it’s not up to the co-op to interfere in BCFGA business.

The co-op receives membership fees to the grower lobby association, as part of grower contracts it has with its member growers, but the two organizations are separately run.

“As far as I’m concerned it won’t be discussed by the board,” said Dawson.

The board will hold its first meeting since its agm next week, and will vote on a president and two vice-presidents from the north and the south end of the valley at that time for the coming year.

At the agm, Kelowna grower Glenn Cross called on the co-op board to refuse to continue remitting funds to the BCFGA until the BCFGA board removes president Kirpal Boparai from the board of directors. The resolution was approved by the 200-300 growers at the meeting.

However, neither board is forced to deal with it.

The BCFGA president was recently removed from the co-op for not honouring his contractual agreement to ship all his apples through the co-op.