Creekside Theatre will be closed until further notice due to an incident involving an activated ceiling sprinkler that flooded the facility Monday afternoon. Image Credit: Contributed

Creekside Theatre flooded

Lake Country theatre deluged with water from accidentally activated sprinkler.

Creekside Theatre was flooded out Monday afternoon but it had nothing to do with the spring runoff causing flooding across the valley.

Ryan Donn, cultural development coordinator for District of Lake Country, posted on social media last night the flood was caused by the accidental activation of the fire prevention sprinkler system cascading thousands of litres of water onto the theatre floor.

Creekside was already due to be closed for regular maintenance due to July and August, but now the district says now the theatre will be closed until further notice.

Donn said he will be in contact with anyone who had booked the theatre for the remaining two weeks of June to determine other arrangements for scheduled events.

No word yet on how much the flooding mitigation repairs will cost.

“Onwards and upwards. Repairs are already underway. Crazy day, though,” Donn posted on Facebook.