Criminal charges against Kelowna paper carrier dropped

"My client is traumatized and shocked… she has been crying every day since," Gordon said.

Criminal charges have been withdrawn in the case of the 72-year-old Kelowna paper carrier who  allegedly ran down a pedestrian and left her to die.

Upon review of all evidence Crown Counsel decided there was insufficient evidence to prove  Sharon Marlene Scott intended to leave the scene after the accident that killed an 83-year-old woman, so she will face careless driving charges instead.

Defence lawyer Joe Gordon explained to reporters Friday that the news criminal charges would be withdrawn came as a great relief to his client, who is still upset to be facing careless driving charges.

“My client is traumatized and shocked… she has been crying every day since,” Gordon said.

Scott, at the time of the accident Nov. 23, 2014, was a contract driver for the Kelowna Daily Courier, and believed to be picking up bundles of papers.

Around the same time, Julie Gillespe was found  injured, in the alley between the Courier and the McWilliams Centre located at 580 Doyle Avenue.

It’s believed she was struck  just minutes earlier, and was clearly suffering  serious, extensive injuries. She was rushed to hospital in critical condition but did not survive.

Following Gillespie’s death, Const. Kris Clark said the senior was walking home at the time of impact, and she had been struck by a vehicle which failed to remain at the scene of the collision.

Police subsequently identified a suspect and affected an arrest Sunday night.