Sculptor Robert Dow Reid stands with Mayor Colin Basran, Dolphins’ highrise strata president Pat Webber and general manager of the Delta Hotels Peter Gillis for the unveiling of the newly renovated dolphin statue Harmony on Sunset Drive Wednesday.

Dolphins suited for highrise

The statue Harmony was unveiled today at the Dolphins’ highrise in Kelowna

The Dolphins’ highrise has a new addition.

A three-dolphin statue, Harmony, was unveiled today outside out the highrise on Sunset Drive.

The fibreglass structure was originally placed in the Grand Okanagan, before being offered by the Delta Grand to the Dolphin building after the sculpture didn’t suit the renovations which took place a few years ago.

The statue is worth more than $100,000 and was given to the highrise for free.

Mayor Colin Basran and sculptor Robert Dow Reid were in attendance at the unveiling.

The sculpture base will light up at night and can be seen from the boardwalk in Waterfront Park.