East Kelowna winery visitors sending good vibrations to Vibey

"We are distraught that poor Vibey, has been kidnapped and that he is out on the road," said Lewis.


The people behind the brazen “kidnapping” of one of this city’s most recognizable trucks could already be in the crosshairs of local police.

“The key is the key,” said Wyn Lewis, owner of Vibrant Vine winery and “Vibey,” the little truck that was swiped earlier this week.

Closed Circuit TV footage plainly shows potential suspects fiddling about with the ignition of the old Suzuki truck, which is covered in a joyful explosion of colour that’s keeping with the winery’s signature bottle designs.

Now it’s just a matter of time until the authorities can connect the dots and track down the thieves, concluded Lewis.

That said, it’s unclear whether Vibey will escape the dastardly deed unscathed.

“We are distraught that poor Vibey, has been kidnapped and that he is out on the road,” said Lewis.

“We only used him gently on the winery property, and going down and up steep hills will not be good at all. This is his retirement.”

The truck is mostly used to to drive back and forth between the warehouse and tasting room.

Winery staff keep the key in the ignition, but the key had goneĀ  missing at around 1:30 p.m. that day. The truck was later driven through the orchard into the great beyond at around 10 p.m.

“You couldn’t drive down the street in Vibey without someone calling the RCMP,” said Lewis.

“It’s the most recognizable truck in the whole of Kelowna. Vibey is all over Facebook. All the tourists are so enamoured with the truck, we have a long series of stories of it being loaded with wine, crossing Coquihalla and delivering out new Woops wine to Vancouver.”

Part of the fun of the Vibrant Vine experience is, in fact, Vibey.

It’s highly visible nature leads Lewis to believe it was stolen to be ripped apart for spare parts, although he hopes that’s not the case.

To sweeten the pot for those who have some information, Lewis said a case of their very bestĀ  WOOPS wine will be disbursed to anyone who brings good news of Vibey’s fate.

Already numerous people are on the lookout, which is evident from ongoing Facebook posts about the wee truck, so it’s possible someone will drink the benefits of Vibey’s recent troubles.