Contributed A memorial will be held for Tom Padmore (left) June 21 at Gneiss Climbing. Friend Reid Schretlen helped organize the event.

Fallen climber remembered

Gneiss Climbing is holding a memorial for West Kelowna’s Tom Padmore

Thomas Padmore died while doing what he loved most, climbing.

A West Kelowna resident, Padmore, 30, fell off a cliff after losing his footing while climbing near Mount Sir Donald in Glacier National Park, July 15.

Gneiss Climbing is holding a memorial, called On Belay for Tom, on Friday, July 21 at 6 p.m.

One of the organizers and Padmore’s friend, Reid Schretlen, said Padmore had two families, his immediate family and the rock-climbing one.

“We wanted to make sure his rock-climbing family had a place they could go to that was familiar and comfortable,” he said.

Schretlen met Padmore around six years ago through rock climbing.

“Tom was an avid climber and loved the outdoors. He was very strong and passionate about the mountains and was also very safe,” he said.

“Tom was one of a small group of climbers that I trust 100 per cent. I never doubted any of his decisions and always felt comfortable.”

Padmore was also a good friend. An electrician by trade, he always lent his friends a hand.

“Last Thursday, he came over and helped me put up curtains and was happy to come by. He was the kind of guy that worked all day at his job and spent all evening around town helping out his friends,” said Schretlen.

Schretlen’s advice moving forward to be more like Padmore, say yes to adventure, be conscious of friends and community and support those in need.

A funeral will be held July 28 in Kelowna.


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