Give street trees a little water

With such an long spell of extremely dry, warm weather, ensure street trees near your home have a little water to keep them alive.

With extremely dry weather the past three months, even some native trees are feeling the stress of going without water for so long.

Although selections of street trees planted along boulevards by the City of Kelowna are as drought tolerant as possible, urban forest technician Blair Stewart says it is up to homeowners to provide a bit of water to the tree that is growing in front of their homes.

“We ask that people keep them watered when it’s particularly dry,” commented Stewart.

There is a water truck that goes around to help ensure some trees in city landscaping are kept adequately watered, but it doesn’t get to all of them.

Not only has it been particularly dry, but for this time of year, it’s also still pretty hot during the day, which adds even more stress to trees.

Younger trees, such as those under three years of age, are particularly vulnerable to such stresses, and even trees in the five to 10 year age bracket, are still getting established and need a little more water than mature trees, he noted.