Okanagan lake was particularly beautiful today when sun broke through the clouds and sent tendrils of steam into the sky

Good morning, Kelowna. Here’s your Top 5 for Jan. 11, 2017

Everything to do with the cold and having colds is taking up today's news cycle.

  • Wed Jan 11th, 2017 6:00am
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Good morning, Kelowna. It’s one horribly cold day out there. Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay informed by reading our Top 5 of the day.

1.) As this is typed the temperature is -20 C. It will get a bit less unpleasant as the day wears on, but not much.  The high temperature is – 9 C and the low is – 19 C. The side effect? Beauty.

2.) Area farmers are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward how prolonged frigid weather may have affected their crops.

3.) Kelowna General Hospital is still running at over capacity, due in large part to an outbreak of the flu and gastrointestinal illness.

4.) There have been so many stories about animals in urban areas lately. Clearly it’s a problem. Luckily there are people looking at fixing it.

5.) In US political news, president elect Donald Trump has concerns about fake news amid reports that he reaped the benefits from it during the election cycle.