Growth strategy deadline nears for CORD

Residents can fill out workbooks showing how they would like the Central Okanagan to develop.

  • Thu Feb 24th, 2011 10:00am
  • News

This Monday is the deadline for submitting workbooks as part of the Regional Growth Strategy review.  

The Central Okanagan Regional District is encouraging residents to take the opportunity available now to let their opinions be heard.

It’s easy to do.  Residents and community organizations can complete a workbook online at and hit the send button.

It asks for their thoughts, ideas and comments about how best to manage growth across the Central Okanagan over the next 25 years. 

Or if you’d rather have a copy in your hands, just download one from the site or pick one up at any local government office or any Okanagan Regional Library branch in the Central Okanagan. 

Simply fill it in and return it by Feb. 28 to the regional district office in person, by mail or fax.

The workbook focuses on several key elements of the Regional Growth Strategy including housing, transportation, regional parks and natural areas, economic development and climate change.  

The information gathered will help CORD as it moves through the consultation process.

The goal is to draft a useful update to the Regional Growth Strategy that will guide future growth management decisions across the Central Okanagan.

“We’ve already received more than 160 workbooks and hope many more people will take some time to participate and share their thoughts,” said Bruce Smith, spokesman for the regional district. 

“The majority of people attending last month’s open house indicated that they thought parks and open spaces mattered most in the updated growth strategy.”

The Regional Growth Strategy provides a coordinated and consistent approach for growth management across the region by establishing economic, environmental and social objectives to guide local governments in decisions to create a healthy and sustainable place to live, work and play, added Smith.