Author Charles Montgomery will be in Kelowna to speak about 'happy' cities Oct. 29.

‘Happy’ city expert coming to Kelowna to speak

Charles Montgomery is well known for his book Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design.

What makes a happy city?

The man with the answers to that question plans on sharing his ideas with a Kelowna audience Oct. 29.

Charles Montgomery, author of Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, will be in Kelowna Oct. 29 to talk about creating happier cities.

As a leading author in the field of urban happiness, Montgomery wants to engage everyone to design more health and happiness into their cities.

During a presentation, slated for the Mary Irwin Theatre at Kelonwa’s Rotary Centre for the Arts on Cawston Avenue downtown, he’ll share his insights on the power of social connectedness as the driver for human happiness, where happiness can come from in our society and what we have to consider to foster happiness within our communities.

Montgomery will deliver his presentation as part of the Creative City Summit, the annual conference for the Creative City Network of Canada,which is being held in Kelowna this year.

A reception and book signing by Montgomery will follow his presentation.

Tickets to hear Montgomery speak cost $25  each and $15 each for for students but there is only a limited number available. A total of 160 tickets will be available to the general publc and can be purchased at the Rotary Centre for the Arts box office or online at