Hiker rescued by Kelowna Fire Department

A woman hiking just east of Rutland found herself in distress just after dark Monday night and in need of rescue.

A woman hiking into  Black Knight Mountain, just east of Rutland, found herself in distress just after dark Monday night, prompting a call for help.

Tim Light of the Kelowna Fire Department was among the team dispatched to the scene, and said the risk facing the hiker was plummeting temperatures.

“Upon arrival, KFD crews could see the hiker’s light on the face of the mountain, an initial crew of six were on scene to locate and assess the condition of the female as weather conditions at the time were clear and cold,” he said.

The rescue team lowered one member to the female hiker to assess her condition. The hiker was then put into a climbing harness and was pulled up to a safe area with the rest of the rescuers. She was then walked down off the mountain.”

The hiker did not suffer any injuries however she was very cold and tired. She was checked out by BCAS on scene.

The Kelowna Fire Department urges all outdoor enthusiasts to always let someone know where you will be going and dress for the elements.