Keeping the woodpeckers away

EIFS Armour has had international success for preventing woodpecker holes in Kelowna

It’s been a long five years for local entrepreneur Keith Eisenkrein, but his hard work paid off.

The business owner is now the holder of two patents, one American and one Canadian, for his bird-proofing method known as EIFS Armour.

It may not be an issue many of us think of, but residential and commercial buildings alike are often subject to damage from woodpeckers and flickers, according to EIFS Armour.

Having worked in the stucco industry for more than a decade and returning to the same buildings year after year to repair large holes left in walls by birds, Eisenkrein began to think there must be another solution.

“Current industry practices are patching damage as a short term solution, but inevitably this requires continuous repair and the costs pile up over time,” Eisenkrein said. “We know there is no changing the habits of woodpeckers, but in Canada and the U.S. there is finally a way to stop them from drilling holes into your building.”

Not only is the constant hammering headache-inducing and the holes unsightly, but they can become nesting places for other bird species and act as a trap to insects, he said.

Eisenkrein dedicated years to developing the best system possible to solve the problem; by combining a diamond mesh system with acrylic hardeners, EIFS Armour is seeing success in the Okanagan and on an international scale, said Eisenkrein.


Credit: EIFS Armour