Kelowna city crews ready for snow

CIty is asking drivers to not park on the street if possible during a snowfall so plows can get around easier.

Drivers in Kelowna are being asked to park their vehicles off the road in the event of a snowfall to let plows do their job more effectively.

Kelowna’s works department says it’s ready for snow.

With snow in the forecast, city snow removal and sanding trucks are ready for the winter season, said Stephen Bryans, roadways operations supervisor Wednesday.

And he said residents can help by moving vehicles off the roads before the snow falls so plows can effectively clean streets.

“Snow removal starts early and city crews are out clearing the streets before most people are awake,” said Bryans. “That’s why we ask that vehicles be moved off the streets. If roads, particularly cul-de-sacs are free of vehicles, our crews are able to do a better job clearing roads safely, efficiently and quickly.”

The city clears snow and de-ices municipal roads—excluding Highways 33 and 97—based on their priority status. Priority 1 includes high-traffic roads such as Gordon Drive. Priority 2 includes collector roads such as Richter Street, bus routes, school zones, town centers and emergency vehicle stations. Priority 3 includes local roads in neighbourhoods and priority four includes laneways.

“It is important to note that priority 3 roads will not be cleared until service levels of priority 1 and 2 roads have been achieved,” he added.

“If another snowfall occurs before the completion of priority 2 to 4 roads, our attention will shift back to priority 1.”

Some areas of the city can be particularly challenging for snow removal which is why four designated snow routes have been identified within the areas of Wilden, Dilworth Mountain, The Ponds and Magic Estates.

These areas are more difficult to manoeuvre due to elevation, road grade (slope), roadway width and a higher number of cul-de-sacs. During a significant snow event, a snow advisory will be issued and there will be a temporary parking ban on snow route roads. At this time, a snow event advisory is not in effect.

During a significant snowfall, a snow advisory will be posted in those areas and and a temporary parking ban will be put into effect 24 hours after the advisory was issued. Vehicles that remain parked on identified snow routes during the parking ban can be towed and/or the owner fined $50.

Roads on snow route have signs identifying them.

While the city keeps the roads clear, residents and businesses are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways adjacent to their property. The city encourages residents to help their neighbours by becoming a Snow Buster.

Being a Snow Buster is as simple as lending a helping hand by shovelling a neighbour’s walk.

Residents can thank Snow Busters by nominating them to win Kelowna Rockets tickets.

To submit a nomination, visit the city’s transportation webpage, email, or send a letter to City of Kelowna Snow Busters program, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC, V1Y 1J4.

For more information about snow removal or to nominate a Snow Buster, visit