Kelowna City Hall asking public about Bernard Avenue revitalization

City puts up a survey on the web to help it communicate better during the next phase of the work.

Kelowna City Hall wants to know what you think of the work being done to revitalize Bernard Avenue.

The city has launched a five-question internet survey asking the public about their impressions of the work. The first phase—from Richter Street to St. Paul wrapped up before Christmas and the second phase — from the Abbott to Pandosy—is expected to start in early February.

People who answer the survey will be entered into a $50 draw for a gift certificate to a Bernard Avenue business.

The questions asked are:

• If you were ware of the work prior to the start of the first phase of construction.

• If you feel the city is keeping you informed about the progress of the work.

• What is the theme the city is using to promote the work.

• The tagline being used for the revitalization project advertising.

• If you live downtown.

You can access the survey at:

The city says it has launched the survey to help it improve the way it communicates to the public what is happening during the next two phases of the project. Phase two is slated to run until the end of spring and phase three is scheduled to run in the fall.

While the first phase has been described as wrapped up by the city, there will be some remaining work done on Richter to St. Paul section during the spring, such as adding public art to the wooden light pole “gateway” feature lining the street as wel as other minor esthetic improvements.

The work has not only rehabilitated services under Bernard and rebuilt the road, it has also added wider sidewalks and added new lighting.

Last week, work on the storm drain outfall at Kerry Park, at the lakeshore end of Bernard, started as a precursor to the second phase of the revitalization project.

Work on the road itself is scheduled to start again inFebruary.

Meanwhile, Westcorp Inc. has started work on a new public pier and marina at the fort of Bernard by removing the pilings anchoring the existing commercial dock at Kerry Park.

The Edmonton-based company is building the $5 million pier for the city in return for the right to operate it and the marina for the next 20 years.

The company also owns the land at the corner of Abbott Street and Queensway and plans to build a boutique hotel there.