Kelowna council approves more money for Family Y building renovations

Emergency work had to be performed when city-owned building was found to be in worse condition than originally thought.

The bill to renovate the changing rooms at the Kelowna Family Y has jumped by $300,000 because the parts of the city-owned recreation facility were found to be in worse shape than originally thought.

According to Kelowna’s utility services manager Kevin Van Vliet, problems with corrosion of pipes and with the electrical system were discovered when crews started to replace the concrete floor in the women’s change room.

At one point, the B.C. Safety Authority even ordered immediate repairs in order to allow the renovation work to continue.

Problems discovered over the last six months at the Y in Rutland during the work resulted in Van Vliet asking council Monday to approve the additional money for the project on top of the original $850,000 budgeted to replace the floor of the women’s change room and another $700,000 added to the project later to expand it to include other renovation in the mens’ and family change rooms as well.

Van Vliet said emergency replacement work was done in areas that will be sealed over and other repairs were made in areas that can be revisited later.

But in one case, procrastination cost the the city. It  held off replacing a sewer pipe over the facilities whirlpool and it failed, said Van Vliet.

The additional money for the work at the recreation facility will be found through savings on other parts of the project and from city reserves.

Council approved the extra expenditures.