Kelowna parent says high school-aged partiers destroyed her house

Upper Mission couple is reeling after returning from a weekend at Big White to a home with an estimated $20,000-plus in damage

  • Mon Jan 21st, 2013 7:00am
  • News

A family in the Upper Mission is in shock this week after finding their rental house trashed by party-goers bent on destruction.

Katie Poppy says she and her boyfriend, Makal Mann, were away at Big White, and her young sons were with their father, Saturday evening when the party at their Lark Road-home began, ostensibly under the invite of her boyfriend’s 17-year-old son who had been asked to feed and walk their dogs.

“We’re just collecting stories right now as to what happened,” said Poppy, noting Mann’s son has not been arrested or charged with anything to date.

RCMP were unavailable to comment on or confirm the arrests all day Monday, but Poppy said she has been told a paddy wagon was involved.

She has heard a lengthy video of the entire incident has been posted on Facebook, but has not seen the material as the couple spent Monday setting up temporary accommodations with family and trying to track down the clothes and basics they need to return to work.

“Somehow it ended up that there were over 150 people in the house,” said Poppy. “And it was pretty much destroyed.”

The homeowner has insurance, meaning Poppy and Mann will likely only be responsible for the deductible, but the couple themselves had yet to obtain renter’s insurance and are out of pocket for most, if not all, of their belongings.

The losses include computers, which were stolen, a brand new television her children received for Christmas, smashed, all of their clothes and food.

The children’s furniture was found on the roof of another house, the white carpets were tarnished and there are blood stains on the walls. The couple have been told several fights occurred over the course of the event.

The house was also egged throughout and the party-goers urinated on her children’s toys.

“We were angry when we came home, but when we opened the door we just broke down. You can’t prepare for what we came home to,” she said.

There are a few bright notes in the story. One young party-goer managed to rescue the dogs by locking herself in a room with them. Others at the party had fed the 14-year-old labrador retriever alcohol, making the dog quite ill.

Another girl left her cell phone at the party and when her mother came to pick it up, she was able to see firsthand what her daughter had participated in, a moment Poppy would like other parents to have if their children were involved.

For now, the couple is looking for explanations and, hopefully, for a few of their belongings to be returned, particularly an iPad and laptop computer.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kelowna RCMP.