Kelowna’s mayor heading to Scottsdale

Mayor Walter Gray and several local business leaders will attend a three-day summit of the Kelowna Scottsdale Business Council.

Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray will lead a delegation of local business representatives to Arizona tis week, as the city looks to further its relationship with the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The mayor will participate in a three-day business summit being held by the Kelowna Scottsdale Business Council, a group started to foster cross-boarder relationships between the two cities and businesses in each centre.

“Cross-pollinating our recreational opportunities was the obvious starting point,” said KSBC CEO Sheila MacKay, “Because our tourism seasons compliment each other, not compete,  it is the obvious starting point for business development in both regions.  Kelowna and Scottsdale are both acclaimed golf centres, while Kelowna offers famous skiing, lakeshore lifestyle and, of course, 200 wineries.”

She said Scottsdale will be rolling out the red carpet in anticipation of the arrival of Kelowna business leaders and Gray.  The three-day summit will be hosted at a number of local business venues from Wednesday through Sunday.

The summit is a follow-up to the successful visit to Kelowna in the fall by Scottsdale’s mayor, civic offiaals and business leaders..

Led by Mayor Jim Lane, and the Scottsdale delegation discussed potential mutual cross-border initiatives in recreation, hospitality, education, healthcare and property investment when it was here in September..

But McKay said the two groups found they had much more in common than sharing great lifestyle and the the fact that many Kelowna residents already winter in Scottsdale.

Both regions are described as entrepreneurial driven, with common sectors represented in technology, aviation, healthcare and education.

The inaugural launch of KSBC in Scottsdale will be co-hosted by the City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Business Development Forum.  KSBC has also worked closely with the City of Scottsdale Economic Development to provide a comprehensive overview of that city which includes tours, discussions, round-tables and even a visit to the famous Barrett Jackson auto auction.

“The conference will provide an excellent ‘up close and personal’ opportunity to interact with investors,” MacKay said, “as well as business and political leaders from both areas.”