Mounties injured by ‘volatile patient’ at Kelowna General Hospital

Two Kelowna Mounties have been treated for injuries sustained during an incident in the hospital’s emergency room department Wednesday.

  • Fri Feb 12th, 2016 8:00am
  • News

Two Kelowna Mounties have been treated for injuries to their hands for an incident with a patient in the hospital’s emergency room  Wednesday morning.

On Feb 10 shortly after 10:30 a.m., the Kelowna RCMP responded to a request to assist emergency department staff at Kelowna General Hospital.

“Hospital staff was dealing with a volatile patient who had barricaded himself inside his treatment room, and covered his room’s security camera,” said Const. Jesse O’Donaghey in a press release.

“Three of our officers attended and began attempts to negotiate with the man. Once the barricaded door was opened, the man rushed out of the room and began striking our officers. During the physical altercation the three police officers managed to gain control of the patient.”

As a result of the struggle, one of the police officers sustained moderate injuries to his hand which included fractured bones, while the other officer sustained a sprained hand.

Both Kelowna RCMP officers received immediate medical treatment for the injuries sustained and were released from hospital. One officer will be off duty for several weeks to recover, while the second will remain on restricted duties. Charges are not being recommended at this time.

Each and every day our officers respond to un-predictable and often dangerous calls for service, placing themselves at great risk to protect the communities they serve,” said  O’Donaghey. Thanks to these officers no one else involved in this hostile situation was harmed.

No word on whether the patient suffered injuries.