NDP rights wine transportation bill ‘mistake’

Federal NDP shows support for Okanagan-Coquihalla MP's wine bill by calling for a vote next week in Parliament.

Righting what it called a mistake earlier this week in the House of Commons, the federal NDP introduced a motion Thursday calling for a standing vote on a private members bill aimed at allowing free trade in wine amongst Canadian provinces.

The vote on Bill C-311 will take place June 6.

Although Bill C-311 was already schedules for debate on June 6, thanks to to Liberal Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison, the NDP motion effectively calls for that debate to be bypassed and instead proceed directly to a standing vote.

The private members bill was presented by Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas, after first being introduced two years ago by Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan.

The NDP motion, supported by all members of the House of Commons, will bring certainty to the bill and prevent further delays, said Abas.

The motion was introduced in response to a “mistake” by the NDP earlier in the week when it’s MPs filibustered debate on the bill, delaying it and, in Albas words, “provoked considerable outrage from Canadian wine consumers and the wine industry alike.”

“As it was the NDP who were the source of the uncertainty, this motion makes it clear that the NDP will now be in support of the bill going forward to the Senate and that is something I am very encouraged to see” said Albas.

He commend the NDP for “doing the right thing” and supporting the Okanagan and BC wine industry.”

The local MP said he is hopeful the bill will pass through the Senate by the end of June.

If passed into law, the bill  would  remove federal barriers to the transport of wine from one province to another and allow Canadians to buy wine from wineries in other provinces to take home, or to have it shipped to their homes.