New project for a new year: Festival’s Kelowna takes on New Year’s Eve

For the first time in a decade, Kelowna will have a public New Year's Eve party

  • Thu Oct 4th, 2012 6:00pm
  • News

Do you have a great idea for New Year’s Eve? Want to share it with the rest of the city?

Festivals Kelowna is crowdsourcing ideas via Facebook to find the next brilliant festival move for the first citywide New’s Eve celebration in a decade.

“Really, this is what we do. Festivals Kelowna provides free, family-friendly entertainment,” said Renata Mills, executive director of Festivals Kelowna.

The event will be run on Eastern Standard Time, or from 6 to 9 p.m., in order to allow for an early-to-bed countdown to midnight.

Mills said the Festivals Kelowna crew are planning the staple live entertainment, food and activities and will hold the event in Stuart Park near the ice rink. What they’re asking the public for is the special extras.

“We might want to drop a silver ball from the flagpole, for example” said Mills, noting they have already received a suggestion for a bonfire, which would be fun if it weren’t for the parameters of the park.

“As a parent of small children, it’s kind of nice if you can just take them somewhere for a few hours,” Mills explained. “…I think people are looking to just gather around and almost assume this public space together.”

Created by the City to be the organizing body for local festivals, Festivals Kelowna is responsible for the Parks Alive! performances in local parks every summer, the public busker program and events like the citywide Canada Day celebration. The last News Year’s Eve celebration the City of Kelowna was involved in, however, was in 2003, so there will be some work to do.

The easiest route to contribute ideas is to log onto the Festivals Kelowna Facebook page; but anyone with a lightbulb flash of brilliance can also email Mills at