The Philpott Road Wildfire. -Image: Contributed

UPDATE: Evacuation alert changes on Philpott fire

Crews continuing to battle the blaze east of Kelowna have it at 30 per cent containment

Update: 12:47 p.m.

With progress made on the Philpott Road fire to get it to 30 per cent containment, the Evacuation Alert area has been adjusted.

Residents on evacuation alert should be prepared to leave their homes again on short notice, if fire conditions change.

Properties on Evacuation Alert include

10201 HWY 33 E, 10509 HWY 33 E, 10623 HWY 33 E, 10710 HWY 33 E, 10720 HWY 33 E, 10737 HWY 33 E, 10740 HWY 33 E, 10750 HWY 33 E, 10751 HWY 33 E, 10780 HWY 33 E, 10863 HWY 33 E, 10874 HWY 33 E, 10879 HWY 33 E, 10993 HWY 33 E, 11001 HWY 33 E, 11100 HWY 33 E, 11103 HWY 33 E, 11231 HWY 33 E, 11250 HWY 33 E, 11361 HWY 33 E, 11480 HWY 33 E, 11481 HWY 33 E, 11484 HWY 33 E, 11490 HWY 33 E, 11491 HWY 33 E, 11500 HWY 33 E, 11501 HWY 33, E, 11600 HWY 33 E, 11601 HWY 33 E, 11700 Greystokes Rd, 11800 Greystokes Rd, 11900 Greystokes Rd, 12025 Greystokes Rd, 12280 Greystokes Rd, 12300 Greystokes Rd, 12310 Greystokes Rd, 12326 Greystokes Rd, 12342 Greystokes Rd, 12447 Greystokes Rd, 12458 Greystokes Rd, 12474 Greystokes Rd, 12490 Greystokes Rd, 11251 Thelwell Rd, 11365 Thelwell Rd, 11370 Thelwell Rd, 11371 Thelwell Rd, 11401 Thelwell Rd, 11150 Three Forks Rd, 11200 Three Forks Rd, 11211 Three Forks Rd, 11251 Three Forks Rd, 11300 Three Forks Rd, 11400 Three Forks Rd, 11481 Three Forks Rd, 11493 Three Forks Rd, 11505 Three Forks Rd, 12491 Three Forks Rd, 12521 Three Forks Rd, 12530 Three Forks Rd, 12531 Three Forks Rd, 12641 Three Forks Rd and 12751 Three Forks Rd.

No changes have been made to properties on evacuation order. Properties on evacuation order include from 310 to 1495 Philpott Rd.


Fire crews have gained ground in the fight against the Philpott Road fire east of Kelowna.

With the fire holding at 460 hectares in size, it is now being called 30 per cent contained.

Meanwhile residents are reminded of an updated area restriction for all Crown land in the vicinity of the Philpott wildfire that came into effect at 12 p.m. Wednesday.

Recreational use of crown land, including hunting, is prohibited in the specified area, check the boundaries and learn more about specific access and restrictions here.

There was good news on the power front for homes in the area as well today:

Residents allowed back to their properties should be aware that active fire suppression work continues throughout the area of the fire. Ground crews will continue extinguishing spot fires and conducting danger assessments and falling trees in fire impacted areas.

Household pets, like cats and dogs are only allowed to return with residents. Livestock animals are not allowed back in at this time, due to the uncertainty about fire behaviour and the potential for reinstating Evacuation Orders if necessary.

To view a detailed map showing properties that are on Order and Alert, please visit