From Left to Right: Supt. Brent Mundle, Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, Anita Rideout, Linda Stober, Ken Stober, Dr. Marie Tarrant, Superintendent Kevin Kaardal, Manuela Reekie, Erin Bryant, Bonny Thorne, Cheryl Molenaar, Maggie Johnman, Katlyn Ducharme, and Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante stand during the private unveiling of the art piece permanently installed in the new Kelowna RCMP building. - Credit: Photo Contributed

Police honoured with art

Partners gathered inside the new Kelowna RCMP building for the unveiling of an art piece yesterday

Students and artists showcase their creativity by honoring the Kelowna RCMP with an art installation.

Partners gathered inside the new Kelowna RCMP police services building for the private unveiling of an art piece created collaboratively by a local artist, with the support of students of both Central Okanagan public schools and University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, May 18.

In October 2016, organizers of the month-long Gratitude Project, which educated and empowered residents of Kelowna to show their gratitude in a variety of ways, inspired a group to come together to collectively show their appreciation and support for their local RCMP through creativity.

“The aspirations of the Gratitude Project were to honor the dedication and commitment of our RCMP detachment and to remind the members that our community is grateful to them for keeping our community safe and protected,” said Third Space founder Ken Stober. “The visual impact has been realized through this permanent art installation that will be housed in our local police station.”

“I am proud of our Central Okanagan public school students in capturing what gratitude means in their lives, the UBCO Nursing students for writing the gratitude curriculum and our talented artist in creating the piece that expresses this so creatively,” he said.

Artist with the project Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante said “I was so inspired to assemble these joyful jig-saw puzzle art pieces designed by such creative children, into a four piece framed permanent art installation. We hope that these artistic expressions of gratitude captured by local students, will act as a daily reminder to the men and women of the Kelowna RCMP, as well as all the detachment’s employees, of the high esteem we hold for their role in our community.”

UBCO School of Nursing students Erin Bryant, Katlyn Ducharme and Maggie Johnman said they were grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside the welcoming members of Third Space for our fourth year nursing leadership project.

The Central Okanagan public school students were extremely engaged in both practicing gratitude and the creation of their individual art pieces.

Karina Conner, of Mar Jok Elementary in West Kelowna said “having some of the grade 5 and 6 students involved in the Gratitude Project, has given us the opportunity to reflect and express gratitude for many components of our lives.”