Rutland Park Society is mired in controversy again.

Rutland Park Society meeting planned

In-fighting has once again reared its head on the Rutland Park Society board.

In-fighting has once again reared its head on the Rutland Park Society board.

A meeting of the society has been called for Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Rutland Centennial Hall and president Ross Kulak says he plans to talk about concerns he has with other board members, particularly treasurer Wendi Swarbrick.

Kulak said he plans to raise concerns about six or seven members of the society that Swarbrick and a group of other directors loyal to her “booted” out of the RPS and said he has also listed 30 instances where he feels Swarbrick acted improperly.

Swarbrick, for her part, has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong and according to the minutes of a RPS board meeting in November, claims there is an “old boys club” in town out to get her and harm her business.

At that meeting, she, and directors Bob Dhanwant and Steve Swarbrick, were particularly critical of the local media—in particular the Capital News—and its coverage of aftermath of the former board quitting and the ouster of former RPS president Todd Sanderson.

Meanwhile, Kulak, who it appears has run afoul of Swarbrick after just a few months as president along with vice-president Dawn Theissen and secretary David Buckna, said he is willing to step down if he cannot get information about society spending from the rest of the board.

Thursday’s meeting will be open to the public and media, said Kulak and anyone who wants to join the society, or renew a membership, can pay their $5 membership fee at that time.